Van de website (oktober 2019):

Ivan Cremer explores method and material in a primitive manner, and is interested in the relation between matter and time. With his work he investigates the static form towards the dynamic with the use of raw building materials and unusual methods

Ivan Cremer aims to create sculptures that convey the true essence of his subjects and their movement in time. He pays close attention to his use of unconventional sculptural mediums and techniques that are closer to the field of Architecture then Sculpture.

Cremer’s fascination for these materials derive from his upbringing and education in the field of Architecture at the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands.

The material and its history are an important factor in the work of Ivan Cremer, and dictate his esthetic. He often constructs his sculptures out of elements that have a strong connection with the subject matter or history of place. The materials guide him towards the specific forms and narratives he produces. According to Ivan Cremer, the old and discarded materials he often finds in industrial ruins are ‘ledgers of time’

Ivan Cremer (1984) studied architecture at TUDelft (Msc) and worked as an architect in New York (2011-2014) and Los Angeles (2014-2018) where he opened his sculpture studio ‘Atelier Cremer’ in 2015 before moving to Leipzig in 2018.